Your new best staffmember.
Orderli offers guests an additional way to order, whenever they want, without an app.

This allows your staff to focus on providing better service.
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No app.

Nobody wants to download an app just to order food or drinks. That’s why Orderli works entirely without an app — simply in your mobile browser.

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Fast and effective.

Ordering with Orderli is quick, easy, and fun for guests.




Maintain personal contact.

Orderli is an addition to your staff — not a replacement.

Your staff will have more time for a nice conversation with the guests, since the table next to it isn’t waving for attention that they want to order. They can easily do that with their own phone without having to wait. This way, you offer your guests even more service with Orderli.

Works seamless with your POS system.

WIth our POS integration we can input new orders from Orderli directly into the POS. After which the staff would serve out the order in the same way they do now.

If your POS system doesn’t support integrations it’s not a problem. We will hang a small tablet next to your POS, which will show all incoming orders. Staff then has to enter these manually into the POS — just like they were already used to doing now.

More about POS integrations

Stay in control.

Make sure that staff is up-to-date on what is ordered through Orderli. We (optionally) hang a small tablet next to the POS, on which the staff can keep an eye on what is being ordered, and decide when they want to accept an incoming order.

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